Welcome to Pet Helpers!

Pet Helpers is a non-profit animal welfare organization, whose goal is to reduce the number of innocent animals being destroyed each year, by placing these homeless animals in permanent, loving homes.

Volunteer Positions

Pet Helpers is currently looking for volunteers for the following activities:

  • Check and respond to voicemail messages
  • Check and respond to email messages
  • Foster homes

Please call for more information:

  • 512-444-PETS

Special Thanks to Our Veterinarians

Hometown Animal Care and Boarding

  • 512-251-2242

Riverside Veterinary Clinic

  • 512-444-3111

Looking for the Pet Helpers of South Carolina?

You have found the Pet Helpers of Austin, TX. We often get email intended for the Pet Helpers of South Carolina. You can find the Pet Helpers of SC at:  www.pethelpers.org