Need a Home for a Dog or Cat?

Have you found a dog or cat that needs a home? Are you unable to keep your dog or cat? Foster home space is very limited. Whenever we take in a pet from an owner, that is one less cat or dog that we could have saved from a local kill shelter.

If you are considering surrendering your pet due to a behavior or medical problem, please contact us - we might have some information for you! Pet Helpers volunteers work very closely with the animals and have various solutions to behavior problems. We may also know about resources to get some help for a medical problem.

Resources for Placing Animals

Other Rescue Organizations - There are many rescue organizations in the Austin area. If one is not able to help, another may have just had a space open up!

Pet Friendly Rentals - Landlord says your pet has to go? Find a new place to live! Some places have "negotiable" and "no limit" allowances for pets. One of our own volunteers found the perfect place to live when she was forced to sell her home and move into an apartment! 

Moving? - Can't take your pet? There are many transport groups willing to help your pet get to your new destination. Is there another way we can help you keep your pet? 

Having a baby? - Check out these articles on how to help your pets adjust to your new addition. 

Financial Difficulties? - Contact us for resources that may be able to offer a low cost option or help offset an expensive surgery or emergency. The resources are always changing, but Animal Trustees of Austin and United Animal Nations Lifeline Grant are good places to start. 

Newspapers - If you advertise in a newspaper, be sure to ask for a fee, even if it's as little as $25. This will deter pet thieves who pose as caring pet owners and then sell the animals to dog-fighting rings, research facilities, or other terrible situations. Newspaper ads tend to generate a lot of questionable calls. Enlist the help of a friend or someone else who has placed a pet through a newspaper ad. Be careful, Craigslist is a popular site for people wanting to get free animals to harm.

Sitting in on Pet Helpers Adoption Days

We welcome individuals to sit in with our adoptions events, which are held several weekends every month at Petco and Petsmart stores around Austin. Bringing your Pet to a Pet Helpers adoption event allows you maximum comfort of knowing your animal companion will be well taken care of in a new home. You meet and talk to prospective adopters and at the same time get the advice of experienced rescue staff. You can sleep well knowing your pet is well taken care of in a new home. 

If you are interested in participating in our adoption days, please contact us for more information. 

What Pet Helpers provides: 

  • Web site advertising of the adoption events
  • Assistance and advice with screening potential adopters
  • Application and placement agreement paperwork
  • Opportunity to post a picture, description of your pet, and your contact information
  • Information and referrals for potential adopters

What is required of the pet's present guardian to adopt a pet out through Pet Helpers: 

  • Bring all medical paperwork for the pet to the adoption event
  • Pets must be current on vaccinations appropriate for their age (bring proof from your vet)
  • If old enough, per Pet Helpers policies, the pet must be spayed or neutered (bring proof from your vet)
  • No fleas, ticks, upper respiratory, ringworm, or other contagious conditions are acceptable at adoption events
  • The pet's guardian must stay with the pet during adoption events. You do not have to stay for the whole adoption event
  • In the event the pet is returned by the adopter, you agree to foster the animal until another adopter can be found
  • Sign our "Sitting-in Agreement" (basically covers these same points)

The people wanting to adopt your pet will be asked for an adoption fee, which goes to Pet Helpers to help cover operating costs. This fee also ensures your pet will be respected and taken care of in its new home. 

Adoptions are usually 3 hours in length and the guardian must stay with their own pet for the time that they are there. Your pet must be well-behaved and tolerate a very active environment. Current vaccinations are required by law and by the pet stores where we hold our adoption days - no exceptions can be made. 

Pet Helpers does not allow pets who are aggressive to other animals and/or people at adoption events. Pet Helpers assumes no liability for any damages or bodily harm caused by your pet during an adoption event. 

In order to add your animals to our web site, please email us a digital photograph and description with any likes/dislikes. If you do not have access to a digital camera or scanner, we might be able to take a photograph at an adoption day.